Quadcopter RC Drone-Mini Foldable Drone 4K HD Camera. With WiFi Fpv & Air Pressure Altitude Holder


Record 4K footage on-the-go with our Foldable Shadow Drone!

Whip out this foldable drone whenever a special moment shows up so you can treasure it forever! The stunning HD pixel camera ensures you get top quality footage that ranges from 720p/1080p/4K. Plus, it only weighs 94 grams so it’s easy to carry and travel with! With additional features like a stable flight mode, track flight mode, smart gestures, and more, there’s no limit to what you can do with our Foldable Shadow Drone!

Record footage in 4K

✔ The Foldable Shadow Drone is equipped with a 4K HD pixel camera that lets you record in 720p, 1080p, and stunning 4K!

Foldable and easy to travel with

✔ Weighing at only 94 grams, you can easily fold the drone and take it with you on your travels!

20-minute flight time

Stay in flight mode longer compared to your average drone thanks to the powerful 1,600mAh quadcopter

Smart gesture controls

✔ With advanced identification technology, you can set up unique gestures for automatic photography, videos, and more!

Additional features via smartphone app

✔ Connect the drone to your smartphone to unlock awesome features like gravity sensing, filters, and more!

✔ Buy the Foldable Shadow Drone now to have a powerful companion that can record 4K footage and is easy to travel with!

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Donavon Brakus

Nice drone. We have to deal with the office. Thank you seller.

Vaughn Johnston

Shipping fast and packing well is brought here. Work well being

Jordane Runte

A very good reliable seller is not my first drone and there is something to compare. He's very good. Very obedient, well hangs in the air. In the side does not pull. The gyro is calibrated. Packing is good. The seller is good, I recommend!

Bridgette Ferry

This pimp but it's not easy to use. There's k try inside the house if it doesn't break fast.

Esperanza Carter

Dotarło in set. Cool compact size. See later as years